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Today, donating to help those with autism is more important than ever.

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Autistic kids need our support and resources to help them lead meaningful lives.
That's why we are launching a campaign to raise funds for autistic kids. Our previous successful campaign, Saathvikh (free ABA program): Free

ABA therapy centres

in Government hospitals in Pollachi and Coimbatore. Here Children are provided with free


program and parents are given insights, counselled and provided with necessary training.

Our goal is to make this campaign a success by raising money for the autism community by donating what we can. We also hope that through this campaign, more people will be aware of the challenges that autistic kids are facing and become more committed in helping them.

There are a number of challenges that special children face in traditional school settings. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of understanding and accommodations for their unique needs.

Most struggle with behavioural issues, which can make it difficult to focus in a traditional classroom setting that is often overstimulating. In addition, autistic/ADHD children may have difficulty with executive functioning skills, such as organization and time management, which can make it hard to keep up with assignments and complete tasks on time.

Without proper supports in place, neurodiverse learners can quickly fall behind in school and become frustrated and discouraged. It is important for educators of Third Eye to be aware of the challenges faced by children and to provide full-rounded support to help them succeed.

By donating now, you can make a real difference in the lives of these children and their families.


Hear from our


Good improvement can be seen shortly with the teachers effort depending on the kids. Nice environment.

Venkatesh AV

Good improvement in a very short span of time. Thanks to all the teachers and staffs.

Saranya Ashok Kumar

Very satisfied performances. I am highly recommend this center for my own experience. You can see the real change from your young one.

Yogeshwari Rajesh

I joined my son here for ABA therapy.. initially i was very doubtful to join my son, but I am very happy that he has improved a lot in all activities..his all behavioral issues has changed..thank you for the whole team.

Meena Arunasalam

Third eye is one of the eye opening centre for our kid.They made our kid to get developed a lot in means of behaviour. He improves a lot after joining here and we are very much thankful to all teachers in the centre. Happy Mom🙂


We had taken our child for ABA therapy. It have an amazing team and all staff for very helpful. Good improvement. The teacher efforts depending on the kids. Thank you all for your hard work and support. 🙂 The lovely mother

Saranya Devi

Wonderful teachers and excellent learning center with a well defined learning plan.

Gowtham Kanan

Thank u to dr.ezilmangai mam to Refer this center for us🙏 . My son have speech &communication problem but this crew put their best effitive effort,
now my son ok and speak well, Thank u saranya mam and her crew spl thanks kathareen ,ausha and baanu mam

Balaji J